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Clinical, Educational and Industrial Microscopes



  • Imaging Applications
    • Documentation
    • Fluorescence Imaging
    • Live Cell Imaging
    • 3D Imaging
    • Molecular Imaging
    • Multilocation Applications
    • Image Analysis
    • Optical Manipulation

Axiocam ICC1 and Axiocam  ICC3 and ICM1
Cost-effective digital microscope camera with 3.3 or 1.4 megapixel resolution. (Click here for more information)

AxioCam MRc / AxioCam MRm
Scientific 1.4 megapixel camera for fluorescence and color imaging applications at a reasonable price.  (Click here for more information)


Stemi DV4 Stereo Microscope

Zeiss StemiDV4 microscope

The innovative advances incorporated in this microscope are obvious not only in the color of the instruments and their compact, original design, but also, and most particularly, in their attractive price - all the result of state-of-the-art production technologies. Sturdy, hard-wearing technology, the very easy operation of all major function controls and no compromises whatsover in image definition and brilliance - that is the best way to describe this stereomicroscope from Carl Zeiss. In addition to the four basic models, optionally with a zoom system or adjustable fixed magnifications, the compact Stand C and selected accessories (e.g. image documentation, darkfield, and many more) are other outstanding features.

Stemi DV4 SPOT

The patented zoom system of the Stemi DV4 (Double Lens Vario, zoom factor 4) guarantees high-resolution, brilliant images from overview (8x) to detail (32x). An exceptional feature in this price category: The image remains precisely in focus over the entire zoom range. The Stemi DV4 SPOT fiber-optic, cold-light illuminator additionally integrated into the microscope body ensures a fully illuminated object field at all times.

Stemi 2000 Stereo Microscope

Zeiss Stemi2000 microscope

The Stereo microscope Stemi 2000 meets your demands in two respects.
On the one hand it offers the low-price advantage common with Greenough-type instruments, on the other hand it features a performance that will surely surprise you:

Ideal 3-D image
The optical system of the Stemi 2000 images your specimens exactly true to nature: Brilliantly sharp, absolutely free of disortions and - even at low powers - at very high resolving power.

Fantastic zoom factor of 7
Interested in minute details?
The extremely wide 7.7:1 zoom range (pancratic system 0.65x...5.0x) zooms them in as hardly any other stereomicroscope of this class can do.
Continuously or with click stop.
Exclusively by Zeiss.

Extremely long working distance of up to 286 mm
The Stemi 2000 provides ample space for illumination and manipulation. Usefully graded interchangeable optics ensure necessary freedom of movement and ideal overview.
Working distances of 92 mm, 130 mm, 210 mm or 286 mm are possible.
The magnification ranges from 1.95x to 225x.

Wide field: 118 mm at a glance
With the Stemi 2000 you can even view a compact disc as a whole. Its 0.3x attachment lens system permits object fields of up to 118 mm to be viewed.
The basic outfit provides an object field size of 35 mm.

SteREO Discovery V8Zeiss SteREO Discovery V8 microscope

Entry into the Class of Sophisticated Stereomicroscopes

Compared with conventional entry level models the high-performance optics impresses with
enhanced resolution
increased contrast
a perceptibly improved stereoscopic impression.
As a result, it offers an image brilliance that is without equal in this class of instrument. Benefit from a visible increase in information in all biomedical and industrial applications and experience a new view.

SteREO Discovery.V8 at a glance:
Optimized optics design for visibly more image information
Zeiss ergonomic microscopeSupreme ease of operation and ergonomic viewing posture
Zoom range of 8 : 1
Manual focusing drive with adjustable click stops
Manual and motorized stands with high stability
Generous specimen space
Sturdy stage plate
Illumination and contrast methods based on cold light or LED

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SteREO Discovery V12

New Dimensions in Operating Comfort

Carl Zeiss is expanding the borders of stereomicroscopy with increase depth of field, excellent color reproduction, high-contrast images and significantly more image information. New patented optics provide improved resolution and contrast. The innovative operating concept SyCoP (Systems Control Panel) combines all essential functions of a stereomicroscope in a single handy operating unit. The sum of these advantages result in increased comfort and efficiency in the laboratory. With impressive stability and exceptionally large specimen room.

Axio Zoom.V16


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Axio Zoom.V16: Simpler. More Intelligent. More Integrated.

 Axio Zoom.V16 combines a 16x zoom with a high numerical aperture of NA 0.25, moving to the forefront of all known stereo and zoom microscopes. It achieves a very high aperture in the medium zoom range already: you get superior fluorescence brightness in large object fields. With Plan-NEOFLUAR Z 2.3x you can

achieve a numerical aperture of NA 0.5 in an object field of 1.5 millimeters. Use ApoTome.2 for fluorescence imaging to obtain optical sections. You get a system that masters routine screening as well as your most demanding multidimensional imaging applications – Axio Zoom.V16 does it all brilliantly.

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Primo Star

zeiss primostar microscope

High Performance for Education and the Laboratory -
the student microscope of your choice

Robust, easy to operate, equipped with good optics and, above all, reasonably priced.

Primo Star has been developed with long-term use and great durability in mind. It incorporates all the experience gathered by Carl Zeiss in the field of light microscopy, adapted specifically for educational purposes.

  • Easy to operate
  • Robust and durable
  • Quality optics from Carl Zeiss
  • Numerous innovative solutions
  • Flexible through its modularity
  • Excellent price/performance ratio
Primo Star is available in ten different variants. The right version for every set of requirements. This microscope – together with its many practical accessories – can be used for education, in the laboratory, doctors’ practice and in the field. Genuine ZEISS.


AxioLab. A1

The Axio Lab A1 is one of the newest microscopes from Zeiss with a large range of functionality.  From a simple brightfield microscope to fluoresce using LED’s as the illumination source.  This microscope has been priced to compete with its counterparts (Nikon, Olympus, microscope Leica, Motic, etc.)  When Zeiss went to develop this new stand, they had a few key goals in mind.  Broad platform (BF, DF, Phase, FL, DIC) they wanted this scope to be able to encompass the basic laboratory/student uses with the higher level research and development functionality.  This scope was designed for the everyday user but with the functionality of a high end research and development microscope.

The AxioLab.A1 has the ability to have up to 2 push and click fluorescence cubes in the 4 position nose piece.  Other slots maybe used for Phase, DIC, and neutral density filters.  All Zeiss microscopes have the patented IC2S optics; the Axio Lab A1 can use the full range of Zeiss objects from A-Plan to the Neo-Fluors.  The material used to manufacture the microscope is Anti Fungus treated.  Zeiss takes pride in having the reputation of manufacturing the highest quality product in the market today.

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Axio Scope.A1

zeiss axioskop a1 microscopeUpright microscope for routine biological and industrial applications.

  • An outstanding solution for your applications and budget; this enables you to configure your Axio Scope to best suite your needs with high flexibility
  • Transmitted-light Techniques - LED or halogen, phase contrast or DIC - never before has a microscope of this class offered so many possibilities
  • Innumerable interfaces as well as 23 stand versions
  • Flourescence LED, available for the first time with Axio Scope: the integrated LED illumination for routine flourescence applications
  • Extremely long operating life, inexpensive, easy to handle, and completely adjustment-free
  • Reflected light techniques: brightfield, darkfield, polarized light, CDIC/DIC, and flourescence


The adaptable all-round stand for your routine and research applications – your microscope down to the last detail.

Customized microscope configurations because of consistently implemented modularity. With its unusual flexibility, Axio Scope from Carl Zeiss can be used universally – and is yet individually tailored to your applications.

More economical than ever because you only buy what you need at the moment. You have the option of extending your microscope to meet your growing demands tomorrow.

pathologist microscope stageThe Axio scope A1 features a “slide guide” that allows the specimen slide can be quickly moved around by hand but at higher magnifications, can use the x/y guide of the stage to move the slide precisely.


It also features: Colibri light source,  High-Contrast Images with High Dynamic Range. Instead of a traditional white light source, Colibri uses high-performance LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Each individual LED delivers a precisely defined spectral range. No undesired light is emitted, so there is no need for suppressing it.
zeiss colibri

Axio Vert A1

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All Contrasts. All Information. All Flexible. 

Choose from all standard contrasting techniques, including DIC, to investigate Your cell cultures. Axio Vert.A1 produces brilliant images to answer your questions. Axio Vert.A1 is the only system in its class with such a large range of features, compact enough in fact to sit directly beside your incubator. Look into the very essence of your research while keeping your cell culture in its own protected environment.  

Bightfield, Phase contrast, PlasDIC, VAREL, improved Hoffman Modulation Contrast (iHMC) and Fluorescence contrast – Axio Vert.A1’s range reads like an index of contrast techniques. Alone in its class, it also employs Differential Interference Contrast. With DIC you visualize even the finest structures in your cells. And the new IVF contrast system is particularly impressive in IVF labs: without modifying the stand, you can switch freely between
iHMC, PlasDIC and DIC as you investigate your samples.


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Primo Vert and Primo Vert Monitor

zeiss axiovert 40 microscope

A new standard for quick assessment and inspection of living cells at an affordable price.

The new Primo Vert Monitor offers an ideal microscope for multi-observation purposes.  Several users can look and discuss the image at the same time without having to adjust individual eyepieces.

  • Ergonomic quick check of living cells
  • Monitor can be tilted from 45º to 80º, for individual posture position
  • Convenient image storage by the "push-to save" camera to SD memory card without a PC connection
  • Fits into hoods and flow boxes
  • Image acquisition can be operated by remote control (optional)

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