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    There is no substitution for Sharp Magnified Vision. The needs for enhanced vision are endless. From removing a sliver or viewing your favorite coin or stamp, deburring a part, to surgery, enhanced vision is the answer. You canít diagnose what you canít see. Early diagnosis allows better treatment results and magnification reduces eyestrain.


Compound Microscopes  
Micro I
Our most affordable educational microscope. Student-proof, robust modern design incorporates the latest in optical and mechanical advancements.
Micro II
Providing clarity and contrast through our high-performance optical system. Robust modern design incorporates the latest in optical and mechanical advancements.
Micro III
Laboratory microscope of the most modern design incorporates the latest in optical and mechanical advancements. High efficient, long-life elimination system provides a brighter, more intense light to your specimen.
Micro IV
Laboratory system for high end applications. It has a modern
A-Frame deign with ergonomics, optical and mechanical advancements that will make your microscopy discovery easier and more accurate.
Micro V
The number one, educational compound microscope in our line. Featuring an Ergo Compound head delivering better observation, identification and discovery. The Micro V is the preferred microscope for advanced laboratory, clinical and research applications.
USF-9000 Forensics
The ultimate comparison microscope bridge allows easy
side-by-side comparison and overlay. Highly accurate, and extremely affordable on different platforms. Custom configured for your applications.
Stereo Microscopes  
This an easy to use, two-step stereo microscope. Quickly change from 20X to 40X by rotating the bottom objective 90 degrees into the detent lock position.
The Master 2-Step stereo microscope is a high-end microscope for industry and/or classroom. Available in
both 1X - 3X, or 2X - 4X primary magnification.
This microscope is an economical choice, perfect for the educational environment or light industry. it offers 10X - 40X magnification, 20mm FOV and a long 90mm working distance.
This modular stereo zoom binocular or trinocular microscope can be adapted to fit all US Micro stereo stands. The wide range of eyepieces offer a distinct combination of optical performance and flexibility of illumination.
A new, sharp multi-functional stereo zoom microscope. This high resolution model has a wide field of view, long working distance and with a wide range of accessories. It can be the microscope of choice for industry and education.
High resolution stereo microscope with a 1 to 6 zoom range for the semi-conductor market, or board and chip inspection; 9W base fluorescent or 20W incident halogen illumination
The new high-resolution stereo zoom microscope with a 6:1 zoom ratio, with .8 - 50X magnification. The sealed pod has a super long 115mm working distance. The microscope and stand are enclosed and locked for ease-of-use by students and professionals.


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