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Meiji Techno manufactures a wide variety of microscopes for a wide variety of applications. Below you will find some images of the most common types of microscopes. Just click on an image and check out our many models available for science, education and industry. If you would like help in configuring the right microscope for your application, simply contact our technical support and sales staff and we will be happy to assist you.
Greenough Design
Stereo Microscopes
Meiji Techno's Stereo Microscopes are used everywhere throughout all of industry, the sciences and education. They have a well earned reputation for rugged dependability and superb optics. They deliver excellent depth of field because the users brain puts the stereo image together. Meiji has a wide range of models to fit any requirement or field of work.
Common Main Objective Research Stereo
Two parallel optical paths sharing one common large objective defines the Common Main Objective design and with a wide range of photo accessories and illumination choices, the RZ Series of CMO Microscopes are perfect for high end lab or production work with optional ergonomic head.
Biological Compound Microscopes
A wide range of biological microscopes for grade school classrooms to clinical labs. From ergonomic uprights to versatile inverteds, Meiji Techno has a wide range of choices for bio-microscopy beginners and professionals.
Polarized Light Microscopes
Used in industry and research, all well equipped labs have a polarized light microscope. Meiji has a wide range of models for professionals in life sciences, pharmaceutical, geology, petrology and research industries.
Measurement Microscopes
Used most typically in, but not limited to, industry, failure analysis, materials and product development. Meiji Techno has a wide range of models for industry and research facilities.
Metallurgical Microscopes
Meiji Techno manufactures a wide range of industrial grade metallographs in both upright and inverted platforms. Our metallurgicals are considered a bargain for their quality, performance and rugged durability.
Video Macroscopes and Direct-to-Camera Optics
Offering imaging solutions to industry, education, life sciences, machine vision and publications, Meiji Techno offers a wide range of macro and direct-to-cam optics platforms for any application.
Meiji Techno offers a wide range of educational microscope models designed to last, year after year under harsh student treatment. Backed by a limited lifetime warranty with service from Meiji Techno dealers, Meiji microscopes are the intelligent choice for educational investment.

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