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  • AutoQuant X3

    Advanced Image Deconvolution and 3D Visualization Software for Life Science Researchers.


    AutoQuant is the life science industry’s leading image deconvolution software. Retrieve better data from your images using the most complete suite of 2D and 3D restoration algorithms available, including the industry’s best blind deconvolution algorithm. Microscopy experts worldwide trust AutoQuant for the accuracy and beauty of its stunning quantitative results, while newcomers to the product love the user-friendly workflow and intuitive interface that helps make learning a breeze.

    New in AutoQuant X3

    See what's new in the latest version of AutoQuant. 

    • AutoQuant Connect Workflow Accelerator – Send to AutoQuant with a single mouse-click!
    • All new High Resolution Interface
    • Custom Gibson-Lanni Point Spread Function (PSF) Modeling
    • Auto Detect Unidentified Sample Dimensions
    • Sync Multiple Line Profiles and Measurements for comparison
    • ROI Deconvolution Preview
    • Deconvolution and Optical settings files now saved in .cfg format
    • Faster Deconvolution Times
    • Faster loading of images into the Batch Processing queue
    • New additions to the Objective, Camera, and Dye Lists
    • Much more!

    AutoQuant offers the most complete suite of 2D and 3D deconvolution algorithms available. Choose to save time and money using the industry’s best blind algorithms that calculate Point Spread Functions (PSF) without having to spend countless hours capturing images of beads or opt to supply measured PSF images for AutoQuant to process related volumes quickly and easily. AutoQuant makes it simple to prepare image sets quickly, or import one of the many supported proprietary file formats, stabilize image sets with alignment tools, deconvolve image sets in 2D or 3D, visualize time, Z, and channel, and then analyze all parameters within the same advanced application.

    Video Tutorials
    As an AutoQuant user, you’ll have access to a growing library of free 3- to 5-minute video tutorials. Learn time-saving tips and familiarize yourself with a wide range of preprocessing techniques, deconvolution algorithms, and application-specific analysis tools available to you – without ever having to leave your computer. Look online to find these same videos available on YouTube..

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