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JENOPTIK Microscope Cameras

Sensitive, high-resolution microscope cameras from Jenoptik refine every microscope to a modern digital microscope workstation.

The Jenoptik PROGRES GRYPHAX® and ProgRes® series microscope cameras provide brilliant, low-noise images. PROGRES GRYPHAX®cameras can even deliver live images at video speed in brilliant quality thanks to the used cutting-edge CMOS-sensors.

Our user-friendly and intuitive microscope camera software solutions are free of charge and part of every camera delivery.

Find out more about the microscope cameras:

PROGRES GRYPHAX® series - USB 3.0 interface for WIN, MAC, LINUX








ProgRes® series cameras - Click on the links below for more information

® SpeedXTcore5

® C14Plus

® CFcool

® MFcool


USB 2.0 interface for WIN & FireWire for WIN, MAC


Software solutions

PROGRES GRYPHAX® and ProgRes® CapturePro software


  • Precise: Highly sensitive CMOS and CCD sensors for true color images
  • Saves time: The live image enables optimal positioning and focusing
  • Easy to integrate: C-mount adapter to fit any microscope
  • Flexibility: State-of-the-art image processing software allows you to work on any operating system: Win, Mac or Linux
  • User-friendly: Includes software with optimized workflows and free updates
  • Cost-effective: Impressive price-performance ratio

Fields of Application

  • Life sciences: Microscope cameras, for example for medicine, pathology, hematology, cytology, genetics, biology and chemistry
  • Quality control: Microscope cameras, for example for grain analysis, welded seam testing and controlling manufacturing processes
  • Material science: Microscope cameras for mineralogy and metallography — for use in determining structures, quantitative and qualitative sample analyses and documentation
  • Forensics: Microscope cameras, for example for the securing of evidence, document examination and forensic medicine

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