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If you need to image an object at a distance, monitor an industrial process, or produce flawless photo/video images, one of Infinity's many instruments should meet your needs.   — autofocus, zoom, and remote-motorized options available.   Explore these most unique products for long-distance microscopy, macroscopy and survey microscopy "From Near to INFINITY..."  


Long-Distance Microscopes - K Series 

Model K2TM Long-Distance Microscope (infinity - 51mm W.D.)    (.pdf 705K)

Model K2 
Shown with Mirror Diverter and Zoom Module. 
If you are searching for the world's finest long-distance microscope, you need look no further than Infinity's Model K2. Internally-focused by Infinity's Afocal Variation System (AVSTM) from 1.35m to 51mm (54 in. to 2 in.), the K2 outperforms instruments costing thousands of dollars more. With the 500TTM objective, the K2 will focus from infinity to 700mm ( 28 in.). 

Model KVTM Video Long-Distance Microscope (infinity - 52mm W.D.)    (.pdf 102K)

Model KV 
Video camera not included. 
Exceptional compactness and high resolution are what make this award-winning video-dedicated stable-mate to the K2 excel over conventional long-distance microscopes. With greater effective aperture than a 3.5 in. catadioptric system, the KV measures only 268mm x 58mm and weighs just 700g. 

Model KCTM InFocusTM Video Microscope (infinity - 62mm W.D.)    (.pdf 675K)

Model KC Containing Infinity's award-winning InFocus system, the KC rounds-out the K Series long-distance microscope line. A true multi-telecentric system, the KC has a working distance from infinity to 560mm (22 in.). With IF-Series objectives, the KC can be used as close as 62mm (2.44 in.) at a magnification of 3.6x directly onto the CCD sensor (144x on 13-in. monitors). This magnification can be further increased by 2x with accessory multiplier tubes. Then, with appropriate adapters, infinity-corrected microscope objectives can be used for magnification and resolution to the limits of optical microscopy.



Continuously-Focusable Microscopes

Model CFMTM Continuously-Focusable Microscope (infinity - 7.5mm W.D.)    (.pdf 341K)

Model CFM 
Stand and trinocular not included.
Winner of both the R&D 100 and Photonics Circle of Excellence awards in the same year! Incorporating Infinity's AVS technology, the CFM is the world's first continuously-focusable microscope. With variable aperture control and direct continuous focus from infinity to 7.5mm (0.30 in.), the CFM is a true innovation in microscopy. Full photo/video/visual capability with infinitely-variable degrees of depth-of-field, magnification and resolution, as well as a full line of accessories and illumination techniques, make the CFM the most versatile industrial microscope ever developed. The InfiniVarTM is the video-dedicated version. 

InfiniVarTM Video Inspection Microscope (infinity - 9mm W.D.)     (.pdf 570K)

Shown with Zoom Module. Stand and video camera not Included.
A simplified, compact version of the CFM, the InfiniVar is probably the easiest-to-use video microscope you will ever experience. With variable aperture control, the InfiniVar is the only video-dedicated inspection microscope that focuses continuously from infinity to 9mm (0.35 in.). The hand-held InfiniProbeTM is a miniaturized version of the InfiniVar. 

InfiniProbeTM Video Inspection Microscope (infinity - 9mm W.D.)

InfiniProbe A miniaturized version of the InfiniVar, the InfiniProbe is only 30mm (1.18 in.) in diameter, making it ideal for hand-held use. 



Macro Systems

Model HDFTM (High Depth-of-Field) Macroscope (infinity - 32mm W.D.) (Special Order)

Three features set the HDF apart from all other macro systems: First, the HDF can be focused directly from infinity to 32mm (1.25 in.). Second, the HDF is capable of direct focus even with standard microscope observation tubes attached. Third, the HDF has 2 in. depth-of-field at 7 in. working distance—and at 3 in. working distance maintains 1 in. depth-of-field through bores smaller than 0.05 in. diameter. The Model VDFTM is the video-dedicated version.

Model VDFTM Video Macroscope (infinity - 40mm W.D.) (Special Order)

A compact video-dedicated version of the HDF, the VDF is optically identical and provides greater magnification at longer distances than the InfiniVar or InfiniProbe.

  Model CFM


  Model KC


Industrial Telescopes

Model K2/500TTM (infinity - 700mm W.D.)

If your applications require longer working distances than a long-distance microscope, but without the cumbersome weight and limited close-focusing annoyances of a telescope, then the K2 / 500T combination is your answer. When the Model K2 is used with the 500T objective, it becomes a 500mm industrial telescope.


Video-Dedicated Systems

  Model KV

  Model KC

  Model VDF




InFocusTMSystems    Tech doc. (.pdf 1.1M)   Graphics doc. (.pdf 450K)

InFocusTM Winner of the 1996 R&D 100 award

InFocus is the world's first internal optical focusing system for microscopes. For the first time in 400 years, microscopes can be focused without external movement —controlling and correcting spherical aberration, while increasing contrast and resolution. InFocus is an easy-to-install module designed to fit virtually any microscope, atop the stand—or configured by itself as a singular instrument.

Industrial Laboratory
Model KC


3 models to choose from 
   —in various configurations. 

         Model KC



PROXIMITYTM lenses are the Convenient, Cost-effective, Application-specific lenses, machine vision engineers and systems integrators have been waiting for.

The lenses of INFINITY: 


Multi-TelecentricTM Lens Systems

Model KC
Telecentric lenses maintain constant magnification, perspective and dimensions throughout the field-of-view. Infinity manufactures the world's only true multi-telecentric lens systemscapable of focusing at various working distances and magnifications, in micro, macro and tele(scopic) modesall from a single instrument!


Accessories   (.pdf 403K)

Infinity offers a complete line of micro/macro accessories for photo/video/visual applications, as well as motorized-remote, zoom and autofocus options.


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