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From the company that invented the first Video-Microscope over 20 years ago:

Our high quality optical, mechanical, and lighting designs give the Hirox 3D Digital Video Microscope Systems the highest optical inspection power (7000x), along with a variety of options and adapters, including the 3D rotary head adapter. Our experience as lens makers allows us to make high quality lenses that have a large depth of field and can create high resolution images. As lens makers we believe that a good optical image is more important than an image that is the result of digital enhancement. An image based on optics retains a clear original image without having any damage done by digital enhancement in order to create a good image.


KH-7700 Digital Microscope System

  • All- in-One Portable unit
  • 3D Display Function and 360 Rotational Live Viewing
  • 3D and 2D Measurement
  • Still and Video Recording
  • Built-in 160 GB Hard Drive and 24x CD/DVD RW Drive
  • ACS (Auto Calibration Select) Feature
  • S-HDR (Super High Dynamic Range) Feature
  • Supports LAN connection

KH-7700 Digital Microscope System is HIROX's newest most advanced development. The digital camera, light source, LCD monitor, computer and software are all integrated into this one unit. The KH-7700 provides the user with the ultimate in high performance observation, measurement, analysis, recording, management, and output.

KH-1300 Digital Microscope System

  • 2.11 million pixel / 24 fps handheld CCD camera
  • Next Generation Interface of firewire 800
  • High Transfer Speeds of High Resolution Images
  • Vivid Output to Large-screen UXGA (1600 x 1200) Monitors
  • 2 Light Source Options

The KH-1300 digital microscope is revolutionary in that it achieves both the highest transfer speeds in its class and high-quality images at the same time. An original CCD camera was developed exclusively to create the highest quality images. As a result, high-resolution images can be transferred quickly allowing video to be observed on PC screens. High quality imaging with cost effectiveness in mind.


Digital Microscope: MX Mount Lens Series

  • High Depth of Field and High Resolution Zoom Lenses
  • 0 -7000x Magnification Range
  • 360 Degree Rotary Head Observation
  • Variety of Adapters for numerous Applications
  • Handheld Zoom and Fixed Magnification Lenses

All lenses include high-performance zoom incorporated technologies, such as high-grade lighting, and precision mechanism designs, crafted with pride bye the lens manufacturer, Hirox.



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