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Motic has a BA 210 and 310 which is a replacement for the BA 200 and 300.

The BA210 is designed for both educational and teaching environments delivering a new higher level of optical performance. It features student proof elements and a new generation of EF-N Plan Achromatic objectives for crisp and clear visual and digital results.  


The BA310 is an advanced upright microscope designed for the rigors of daily routine work specifically for diverse applications in Haematology and Cytology. It features options for Multi-Viewing Device available as Side-By-Side or Face-To-Face.




Zeiss has a new clinical scope that you can use for fluorescence called the Axioskop A1. It is an Upright microscope for routine biological and medical applications. It features a “slide guide” that allows the specimen slide can be quickly moved around by hand but at higher magnifications, can use the x/y guide of the stage to move the slide precisely. 

It also features: Colibri light source, High-Contrast Images with High Dynamic Range. Instead of a traditional white light source, Colibri uses high-performance LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). Each individual LED delivers a precisely defined spectral range. No undesired light is emitted, so there is no need for suppressing it.



Q-Imaging has the world’s first camera to unite electron-multiplying CCD (EMCCD) technology and FireWire connectivity for ultra-low-light dynamic fluorescence imaging applications. It’s called the Rolera-MGi Plus




Techniquip LED 80 Ringlight IlluminatorTechniquip has a new LED 80 Ring light illuminator (for use with stereomicroscopes). This technology is brighter and more affordable than the traditional methods of using a fluorescent ring light or a fiber optic illuminator.







Color Printers:

Sony UP-55MDSony color printer UP-55MD

The new UP-55MD Sony color video printer is the perfect printing solution for a wide range scientific and medical applications including endoscopy and ultrasound.

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