RMM Rollscope:

Three coated parfocal achromatic objectives: M5X (N.A. 0.10), M10X (N.A. 0.25), M40X (N.A. 0.65). Triple revolving nosepiece. Coated eyepiece: Widefield NWF10X micrometer with reticle and widefield WFH15X.
Stand: Heavy-duty portable stand with rack and pinion coarse focus and precise micrometer screw in fine focus. Monocular body with pre-centered coated plane glass reflector. Rack and pinion controls for graduated built-in action to move microscope body orthogonally 30X50mm in x-y directions.
Built-in beam splitter for photomicrography. Camera port to accept accessory 35mm camera back or Polaroid camera attachment. Optional large, eye-level depth measuring gauge with mounting brackets. Roller feet fit large flat or curved surfaces and holds six batteries, with connector terminals. Illuminator: Koehler-type vertical illuminator with field diaphragm, filter slot, and green and yellow filters. Bulb cord with six EL-12B concentrated filament bulbs, with variable transformer for 117V, AC operation. Bulb cord with six EL-6 bulbs and connectors to roller feet for battery operation.
Other accessories: photofinder reticle (fits NWF10X eyepiece) for focusing and composing during photography. Set of batteries. Plastic dustcover. Sturdy portable, fitted wood cabinet with handle, lock and key.
15204 Model RMME Rollscope with .01 inch micrometer reticle in 10X eyepiece.
15205 Model RMMM Rollscope with .1mm micrometer reticle in 10X eyepiece.
Unitron Model RMM Rollscope with Video Inspection Option
The RMM Rollscope with accessory CCTV camera inspection option utilizes either a solid state black and white camera with 9" high resolution black and white monitor (refer to literature Uni 38) or a solid state color camera with 13" color monitor (refer to literature Uni 37). Both systems provide group visualization, reduced operator fatigue, and increased magnification without loss of image quality.
Product #21007-CCTV black and white system complete.
Product #21006-CCTV color system complete.

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