Large Format Sensor Lenses

  • Larger format design for line-scan and area-scan cameras. Large Format Lenses
  • Low distortion center to edge.
  • Wide field design for close-up imaging.
  • Large depth of field.
  • Diffraction limited.
  • Exceptional contrast.

Responding to Changing Customer Needs
Navitar continues to develop specific products for defined markets. Our customers have asked us for a range of lenses to work with the current and future line and area scan sensors. Camera manufacturers continue to increase sensor size while they simultaneously reduce pixel size.

Navitar has responded to these industry trends with the introduction of our Platinum and Raptar series of lenses. These lenses meet the demands for high center to edge resolution, low distortion, and application specific F-numbers. These lenses are not modified CCTV lenses. We have designed these lenses to match the performance abilities of the high end “megapixel” type cameras.