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Unitron offers three series of Stereo Microscopes -
The ZF Series:
(Models ASB, ZST, ZSM, FSB and FSB60).
Unitron's deluxe stereo microscopes, offering the best resolution, quality and flatness of field. The are convergent objective systems.

Optical Data for ZF Series
(ZSB, ZST and ZSM), (FSB), (FSB60)

The M Series:
(Models M-300, M400, M500 and M700Z, which includes DSM Dual Discussion Head Models).
Different from the ZF Series in that they are a parallel beam system. This system offers a much greater depth of focus, but gives up some flatness. This series is ideal for viewing items with greater height differences.

Optical Data for M Series

The MS Series:
(Models MSZ, MSZT and MSF).
A convergent optical system economically priced and designed for routine viewing.

Optical Data for MS Series

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