Unitron's Measuring Stages & Adapter Plates
Measuring Stages:
For precise X-Y measurement of small parts and other applications, two types of measuring stages are offered, with a choice of 3/4in or 2in diameter micrometer drums (heads), having either one-inch or two-inch travel. Two drums are needed for each stage: one each for the X and Y travel (Drums with metric calibration are available on special order.)
Measuring stages have either 2in x 2in or 2in x 6in travel capability. For 6in travel, gauge blocks are required. Both stages can be used for transmitted or oblique/vertical illumination.
Measuring stages fit into adapter plates which in turn are mounted onto the Shopscope microscope stand. For the 15835 plain stand, the 17570 adapter is used in place of the usual circular stage plate. For the 17520 illuminated base stand, the 17571 adapter fits onto the base in place of the usual rectangular opal glass plate.

17300 Measuring stage, 2in x 2in travel with circular 3 5/8in glass insert stage plate (without drums)
17310 Measuring stage, 2in (Y-direction) x 6in (X-direction) travel, with scanning/zero-set bar in X-direction, with rectangular 3 5/8in x 7 5/8in glass insert stage plate (without drums).

Adapter Plates:

17570 Adapter plate for attaching measuring stages to 15835 plain stand.
17571 Adapter for attaching measuring stages to 17520 illuminated base stand.

All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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