Unitron Modular Mask Alignment Microscope System

A modular microscope system that readily adapts to instrumentation for the alignment of masks and wafers...

The mask alignment microscope, basically a comparison microscope for viewing two objects simultaneously, permits checking and accurate alignment of registration marks on masks and wafers.

It provides erect, non-reversed images that may be seen side-by-side, evenly split to view one-half of each field, or any percentage of each field, as well as viewing only the right or left-side image alone.
The microscope has been designed as a modular system so that its components readily adapt to most existing mask aligner instrumentation for quality control and production operations. Components consist of an optical head, choice of binocular or trinocular bodies, focusing mechanism, fiber optic light guides that may be used with various types of illuminators, and a choice of different power eyepieces and objectives that give a magnification from 35X to 400X.

15912 Optical Head (1X): Erecting and image-splitting prism system with control knob to select percentage of split-field viewing in any range form 50/50%, to viewing only right-side or left-side images; focusing ring to obtain sharp focus of split-image line separating the two fields of view; push-pull control knobs for each objective holder to adjust objectives separation from 24mm to 110mm; knob to focus left-side objective holder to adjust objective separations from 24mm to 110mm; knob to focus left-side objective; precentered ring mount with lockscrew to accept accessory binocular or trinocular body; two adjustable aperture diaphragms with connectors for accessory fiber optic light guides; dovetail slideway for optional focusing mechanism (or slideway may be used to mount optical head directly onto aligners that have built-in provision for vertical focusing).

15913 Focusing Mechanism: Rack and pinion coarse focus controls, and separate precision micrometer-screw fine focus controls graduated in 0.0001mm (one micron) divisions. With dovetail (to fit into dovetail slideway of optical head). Complete focusing mechanism supplied on four-hole plate for convenient mounting on aligners and other fixtures.

Body: An inclined binocular body is offered for visual observations only, or a trinocular body that combines binocular visual observations plus a built-in vertical monocular tube to use with optional CCTV and photomicrographic camera systems. Both bodies are supplied with bayonet mounts to fit the precentered ring mount of the optical head. Choice as follows:
15416 Inclined binocular body (1X) with interpupillary and diopter adjustments for binocular eyepiece tubes. Without eyepieces.
15414 Trinocular body (1X) with interpupillary and diopter adjustments for inclined binocular eyepiece tubes and with built-in vertical monocular tube. Selector knob directs 100% of illumination to binocular tubes, or 20% to binocular tubes and 80% to monocular tube. Without eyepieces.

Eyepieces: Paired, coated eyepieces are offered in a choice of magnifications as listed below. All have comfortable eyerelief. The KW10XM eyepieces are designed with a threaded cell to accept accessory 19mm diameter reticles and one of the eyepieces is furnished with a focusable eyelens to assure sharp focus of the reticle pattern. Choice as follows:
15918 Pair P7X eyepieces (20mm field stop)
15915 Pair KW10XM eyepieces (18mm field stop)
15916 Pair KW15X eyepieces (11mm field stop)
15917 Pair KW20X eyepieces (10mm field stop)

Objectives: The paired, coated objectives are offered in several magnifications, especially designed to fit into the objective mounts of the optical head. Choice as follows:
15919 Paired 5X objectives, color-coded red, N.A. 0.12, working distance 18mm
15920 Paired 10X objectives, color-coded yellow, N.A. 0.30, working distance 11mm
15921 Paired 15X objectives, color-coded black, N.A. 0.25, working distance 12.5mm
Paired 20X objectives, color-coded green, N.A. 0.40, working distance 10.5mm

Fiber Optic Light Guides: These flexible light guides, approximately 14-inches long and with adapters at both ends, are designed to relay on axis illumination to the microscope system from a separate external illuminator (not included). The adapters at one end of the guides fit into the connectors on the optical head. Similar adapters on the other end can be used to facilitate connection to light sources that either are built into the aligner equipment, or available separately.
15914 Pair fiber optic light guides with adapters.

Illuminators: For those requirements where a suitable illuminator is not already available, that can be used with the fiber optic light guides, several types are available. These range from 6V, 12W tungsten, to 150W halogen, depending on the needs. Request information.

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