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Non-Contact Measuring System
Laser DMM-3000 Measuring System
Now available from Unitron, the Laser DMM-3000 Measuring System. Ideal for Research and Development and Quality Control. The Unitron Laser DMM-3000 measures X, Y, and Z with sub-micron values by a single beam laser type auto-focus microscope system and precise auto XY stage.
Auto measuring of surface profile, roughness, flatness and alignment in X, Y and Z. Accessories available for circle, gap width, curvature, and angular measurements.
BGC, Lead-Frame, PCB, LCD, Precision Fabrication Parts, Ceramic, Rubber, etc...
Measuring Length (Z): Z=8mm (up to 70mm is available as optical accs)
Measuring Length (Y) X, Y=150X150mm
Absolute Accuracy

Within 1.0mm (all 8mm area)

Measuring Reproducibility
for Z axis:

s=within 0.03mm

Laser Spot

about 3.0mm (with objective lens 50X) about 1.5mm (with objective lens 100X)

Minimum Reflectivity for Measuring

over 1%

Minimum Moving Pitch

0.1 mm (X, Y)

He-Ne Laser


All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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