MS-2 IM2 Inverted Metallurgical Materials Microscope
Up-To-Date and economically priced materials microscope that is easily adaptable to a video or camera microscope.

For over 40 years, the recognized reputation for dependable high quality inverted microscopes has made UNITRON the specified choice in leading industrial, educational and research facilities throughout the world.
Now adding to this distinguished line, UNITRON offers MS-2 IM2, a straightforward easy to use inverted materials microscope to meet the need of the modern day microscopist.
Stand: Modern inverted design with built-in base transformer and variable light intensity control to operate 6v 20 watt halogen illuminator.
Built in mechanical stage 150x160mm with 30x30mm orthogonal motions with low- positioned coaxial controls.
Body: Monocular, Binocular or trinocular models with Siedentopf design which gives a constant optical path regardless of differences in eye separation among individuals. Thus assuring no change in magnification and parfocality of objectives and values of micrometer scales and reticles used for measuring purposes.
Optics: Revolving nosepiece with coated parfocal achromatic objectives M5X(0.10 N.A.)
M10X (0.25 N.A.), M20XR (0.45 N.A.) and M40XR (0.65 N.A.) Coated NWF 10XR high eyepoint widefield eyepieces. (to accept reticles and with focusing eyelens), with eyeguards.
Accessories: CCTV, printers, cameras for polaroid or 35mm photography, Koehler illuminator with field and aperture diaphragms, 50x achromatic, 100x plan achromatic objectives, 15X, 20X and measuring eyepieces and reticles for grainsize and measuring.

MS-2 IM2 Inverted Standard Specification Chart
Model MS-2 IM2TR MS-2 IM2B MS-2 IMM
Objective designed for use at 210mm tube length M5X N.A. WD 20mm, M10X N.A. 0.25 WD 7.5mm, M20XR N.A. 0.40 WD 2.2mm, M40XR N.A. 0.65 WD 0.60mm
Eyepieces, widefield focusable with reticle cell BiINWF10XR Pair, with eyeguards NWF 10XR (single) with eyeguard
Magnification 1X Factor 50X to 400X
Body Tube Trinocular Siedentorf with interpupillary and dioptric adjustments BinocularSiedentorf design with interpupillary and dioptric adjustments Monocular
Illuminator Brightfield Koehler type vertical illuminator, complete with lamp housing and centerable 6V 20W halogen filament bulb and green filter
Transformer Built-in base with variable controls
Focus Controls Stage height is adjustable by coaxial coarse and fine focus controls
Stage Mechanical graduated 150x160mm with 30x30mm cross motion reading 0.1mm by vernier provided with low position controls
Other Equipment Stage clip, stage insert plate, spare bulbs and dustcover

All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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