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FS 066

FS6 Flexible Fiberscope


Specifically designed for QA applications, preventative maintenance inspection, and law enforcement intervention programs, the FS6x40 flexible fiberscope provides a high-resolution image of difficult to reach areas. Look around corners and into dark, deep recesses without the need for costly, dangerous, or time consuming tear downs.

High grade optics produce very bright images, and our patent pending Dura-Flex™ articulation system provides outstanding range of motion and durability without the associated cost.

Standard System Includes:
  • High resolution imaging bundle with 10,000 elements.
  • Portable battery handle - 3V.
  • Custom foam lined carrying case.
  • 150 Watt quartz-halogen illuminator.
  • 3 mm x 72 in. (1829 mm) long flexible light guide.
  • Right angle viewing adapter.

Shaft Outside Diameter: .236 in. (6 mm)
Bend Radius: 1.5 in. (38 mm)
Shaft Construction: Flexible, braided SS covering
Shaft Length: 40 in. (1000 mm)
Articulation: FS6-2, Two way:
up/down +/- 120°

FS6-4, Four way:
+/- 180° up;
+/- 120° Left, right, down
Field of View 50° STD**
Depth of Field: .2 in. to 4.0 in. (5 mm to 100 mm)
Eyepiece: Diopter Adjustable
Direction of View: Forward Viewing STD
Light Guide Connector: ACMI