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FS 276

FS 276 General Purpose Fiberscope
      (.276 in. -- 7 mm)

The FS 276 is a flexible fiberscope that delivers high-resolution images of remote, difficult to reach areas. It can be used in many preventative maintenance inspection programs because of its ability to go around bends and corners, which would reduce or eliminate the need for costly equipment teardowns.

Standard Features:
  • High Resolution Fiber Imaging Bundle
  • Portable Battery Handle - 3V
  • Custom Foam Lined Carrying Case
  • 150 Watt Illuminator (FO-150)
  • Flexible Light Guide
  • 35 mm/Digital Still Camera Adapter
  • "C" Mount Video Camera Adapter
  • "C" Mount Video Camera and Monitor
  • Right Angle Viewing Adapter



Shaft Outside Diameter: .276 in. -- (7.0 mm)
Minimum Bend Radius: 1.5 in. -- (38 mm)
Shaft Construction: Flexible, Braided Stainless Steel Covering
Shaft Lengths: 24 in. -- (61 cm) STD
36 in. -- (91 cm) STD
48 in. -- (122 cm) STD
2-Way Articulation: +/- 120 degrees
Field of View: 50 degrees standard
70 degrees available
Depth of Field: .18 in. to 3.0 in.
(5 mm to 75 mm)
Eyepiece: B-Style, Diopter Adjustable
and Photo Capability
Direction of View: Forward Viewing Standard
Right Angle Viewing with Adapter
Light Guide Connector: ACMI