Unique "4 In 1" Optical System
For Brightfield, Darkfield, Interference Contrast & Polarization
Inverted design, erect image, optical path selectors, photo relay module, in-base transformer and light intensity control.
Optical Tube
Binocular Body 30" inclination: eyepiece separation 52-75mm
Multi-Module Box Switch-over lever for BF/DF, polarizer, Normarski prisms and revolving nosepiece
Optical Specifications
Type N.A. Working Distance (mm)
Epi-SPL IC M5X 0.12 5.5
Epi-SPL IC M10X 0.25 5.0
Epi-SPL IC M20X 0.40 2.9
Epi-SPL IC M50X 0.75 1.5
Epi-SPL IC M100X 0.90 1.0
SUW10X Focusable. Field dia. 24mm. 10/100mm micrometer and photo-finder reticles (offered in a paired set.)
SUW15X Focusable. Field dia.18mm (offered in paired set.)
Illuminator 12V. 100W halogen lamphousing with bulb-centering knob, swing-out filters (IFG550, LB120, ND30)
Mechanical Stage Size: 200x200mm, cross motion: 30x30mm; coaxial stage controls. Comes with two stage plates (tear drop and oval) specimen clip.
Focusing Controls Focusable stage with coaxial control: coarse focus range: 55mm and fine focus range :2mm
Photographic System
Plate Camera 4"x5" plate camera with focusing screen, photo lenses: 10X, 15X and 20X
35mm Camera .3X lens adaptor and 35mm camera body
TV Camera Port 1.1X C-mount TV adaptor
Photo Reticle Reticle slider (micrometer 5/50mm)
Exposure Control: AE-2 Shutter speed:1/125 sec -30 min. 30% average light sensing, ISO setting range:6-6400, Auto/Manual override, LED and LCD indicator, reciprocity law failure corrections, etc.
Net Weight Microscope:25kg. Exposure control: 2.5kg
Macro Photo System Specifications (Option)
Magnification 5.5X-10X with a single zoom lens (4"x5" camera)
Real Field of View 23x18mm (5X)-11x9mm (10X)
Illumination By plan glass reflector, making use of microscope illuminator (halogen, 100W)
Exposure By mechanical shutter and cable release
Photography By 4"x5" plate camera unit, Polaroid film holders
SUW15X eyepieces (field dia.16mm) Austenite grain viewing screen Polaroid auto-film holder
Filar micrometer eyepiece, 10X Transmitted-light accessories Polaroid film holder (3-1/4"x4-1/4", 4"x5")
Austenite grain turret eyepiece, 10X Macro photo system 35mm camera adaptor (3.3x)
Special monocular tube Sensitive tint plate 35mm camera body
Stage micrometer (1/100mm) Universal mechanical stage  

All specifications subject to change without prior notice.

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