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Temtec is the leader in self-expiring badge technology.

TIMEbadge Technology
Over twenty years ago, TEMPbadge patented expiring technology revolutionized temporary badging. Since then, the technolgogy has continued to be refined to provide the most practical and up-to-date solutions for visual security and visitor control.


The Expiring TIMEbadge is better than an ordinary temporary ID badge because it changes color when a visitor's badge is no longer valid. Each TIMEbadge consists of a specially coated white adhesive FRONTpart and a BACKpart that is pre-printed with time-release ink. Once the FRONTpart is applied to the BACKpart, the TIMEbadge is activated. The result is a gradual color change that signals expiration when completed.

The Expiration Process
Depending on the expiration period you choose, the TIMEbadge will remain white for the majority of that time before the color change begins. For example, a One-Day Expiring TIMEbadge issued in the morning will reveal light pink bars by late afternoon, and darker pink bars within 1 day, signaling an unmistakable visual expiration.

The Expiring TIMEbadge is not affected by light, so the expiration process works indoors and outdoors, day or night.

Expiration Time Frames
• Half-Day • One-Day • One-Week • One-Month


TIMEbadges are Tamper Resistant
Once a TIMEbadge is activated, the expiration process cannot be reversed. It is impossible to separate the FRONTpart from the BACKpart without visibly damaging the badge. The adhesive FRONTpart is made of a specially coated material that looks like paper, but is tear-resistant and durable. Even if an attempt is made to separate the two parts, the TIMEbadge will continue to change color.


The following are just a few samples of what Temtec has to offer.
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(480) 820-0900.
The fastest way to issue secure badges Save time and effort with the Expiring ONEstep TIMEbadge. Simply write on the badge, peel away the liner, press together, and issue to visitor.
  • Ideal for high volume visitor traffic
  • No need to worry about unauthorized reuse of uncollected badges
  • Patented color change is highly visible from a distance
  • Available in One-Day expiration only
  • Choose from a variety of badge designs to help classify your visitors



Expiring LIGHTbadge®

Expires IMMEDIATELY when exposed to outdoor light

No matter what the forecast, the LIGHTbadge expires when exposed to UV light or direct sunlight preventing reuse. Ideal for large facilities that require the visitor to re-badge when entering another building on the premises.

  • Immediately turns blue when exposed to UV light or direct sunlight
  • Quick to issue—surface accepts pen, pencil or marker
  • Apply directly to clothing or use with the Reusable CARDbacker




Unique tab design makes for easy clean-up of discarded badgesHave you noticed that discarded adhesive badges often end up stuck on floors and walls? That is why we created the TABbadge with a unique patented adhesive design that makes clean-up a breeze.

  • A clear adhesive tab peels up from the back of the badge to attach to clothing
  • Only the tab surface is adhesive, so the badge is easy to handle and lift off surfaces
  • Also available with an expiring One-Day TIMEspot



School Visitor Management

The TEMPbadge line of expiring badges don’t need to be collected because they expire gradually.

A “smiley face” sticker applied to each 2” x 3” badge causes a change to appear by the next day so the badge can’t be reused. And the best part: no hardware, no software, or electronics.

Choose from a variety of stock badges or customize your own. We also offer a TRIALpak to help your school decide if this product is right for you.  

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