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Evolis Dualys3 Basic printer

Evolis Zenius printer

With Zenius, Evolis unveils its new conception of plastic card personalization, with a clear focus on the user and unmatched printing quality. Zenius, the first eco-designed printer, stands out with its optimized features and a compact and sleek design.

Zenius benefits from the new Evolis High Trust® consumables and the Evolis Premium Suite® software to provide ease of use and performance levels that set the new benchmark in the market. Zenius is the one-stop solution to print high-quality single-sided cards, in monochrome or color, and encode technology cards, in single or small runs, for a variety of applications: employee badges, access control badges, payment cards, transportation passes, and more.


Evolis Pebble4 Basic, Fire Red
Evolis Primacy Printer
The Ultimate Card Printer! Primacy is a high-end printer that is easy-to-use, flexible and fast. When loaded with the Evolis cutting-edge encoding technologies, Primacy turns into the ideal solution to issue cards. 

Primacy supports any requirement in card printing and encoding, in medium to large runs. This is the perfect option to deliver transportation passes, payment cards, identification badges, as ell as multi-feature cards.

Easy-to-use, Evolis Primacy supports single or dual sided printing, and, just like other printers from Evolis, offers superior quality, at an affordable price point.


 Evolis Quantum High-Volume Dual-Sided Card Printer
Evolis Quantum High-Volume Dual-Sided Card Printer With a total printing capacity of 1000 cards, the Quantum is the ideal dual-sided printer for high-volume badge personalization. Thanks to its 1000-card feeders, hoppers, and ribbons, the Quantum is the only printer on the market to offer such large printing capacity in color. This capacity is even greater in monochrome thanks to a 5000-card black ribbon. The Quantum is the ideal solution for markets that require volume and capacity, such as: service bureaus, access control, time and attendance, healthcare, and telecommunications.

The Quantum not only prints your high resolution texts, logos, photos and bar codes, but also offers options for magnetic encoding, smart card encoding, and contactless card personalization. Fitted with two feeders and two hoppers that operate completely independently, the Quantum is able to generate several printing and/or encoding works on different types of cards at the same time. The integrated re-stacking system on the output hoppers sorts your cards in the order of printing, removing the need for time-consuming re-sorting by hand.  

 Evolis Securion Double Side Laminating Card Printer
Evolis Securion Double Side Laminating Card Printer The Securion combines the latest technological innovation in printing, encoding, and lamination, making it the ideal solution for personalizing and durably protecting your secure identification cards. Choose from standard transparent and holographic laminate options, or produce a custom holographic laminate to further enhance the security features of your card. The Securion ships standard with both USB and Ethernet communication options, it is MS Vista ready, and it includes a 2-year depot warranty. Contact TransTech Systems for loaner and extended-warranty contract options. The Securion is ideal for virtually all corporate and government applications.     Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Single-Sided Monochrome Card Printer
Evolis Tattoo Rewrite Single-Sided Monochrome Card Printer The new Tattoo Rewrite has been designed to print on rewritable cards. These cards contain a thermo-sensitive material that becomes visible or vanishes depending on the applied temperature. The same card can thus be erased and reprinted up to 500 times.

The Tattoo Rewrite fits a wide array of market applications: visitor management, customer loyalty schemes, transportation tickets, student ID cards, event management, and many more. The standard 300 dpi resolution and larger printing area (48 x 80 mm) provide users with unrivaled freedom in designing badges and cards as graphical elements, images, texts, and bar codes can easily be printed.

The erase/print cycle of 8 seconds is ideal for instant update and printing of shopping loyalty cards or visitor badges at any point of sale or company reception desk. The absence of a ribbon and the ability to re-use the cards up to 500 times makes Tattoo Rewrite a cost-effective printing solution.

      Evolis Tattoo2 Single-Side Color/Monochrome Card Printer Evolis Tattoo2 Single-Side Color/Monochrome Card Printer In a few seconds, the Tattoo 2 personalizes your pre-printed or blank plastic cards in monochrome or color.

With a 300-dpi standard resolution and ‘near-to-edge’ printing, the Tattoo2 prints pictures, texts, barcodes, and logos as required, while offering two card-feeding modes. Cards can be loaded automatically thanks to the 100-card feeder or you can also use the manual loading mode for on-demand delivery. It also features a detachable output hopper to collect printed cards.

The Tattoo 2 also features a 1-Button and 4-LED control panel. It is available in a Fire red color and has automatic card thickness adjustment. Sleek and with a contemporary look, Tattoo 2 is today's most compact plastic card printer in its category.  

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